Jamie Delano

  • 1954: Born in Northampton, England.
  • 1972: Worked at a variety of jobs - from librarian, through crane-driver and tree-feller, to taxi-driver.
  • 1983: A lucky break got him employed by Marvel Comics (U.K.), writing NIGHT RAVEN and CAPTAIN BRITAIN.
  • 1983-87: Worked on DR WHO MONTHLY for Marvel (U.K.) and occasionally for 2000 A.D.
  • 1987: Began writing HELLBLAZER for D.C. Comics, and saw it through to issue #40
  • 1988-95: Worked mainly for D.C. Comics on projects such as: WORLD WITHOUT END (with John Higgins), ANIMAL MAN (with Steve Pugh), GHOSTDANCING (with Richard Case), TAINTED (with Al Davidson), MANBAT (with John Bolton), THE HORRORIST (with David Lloyd) -- and NIGHT RAVEN - HOUSE OF CARDS, for Marvel U.K. (also with David Lloyd).
  • 1996: Should see the publication of BAD BLOOD from D.C. (Paradox Press), a 270 page mystery/thriller story illustrated by Russel Braun.
Jamie Delano is currently working on various projects for D.C. Comics, including 2020 VISIONS - a series of human-scale stories set in a near-future U.S.A., and is developing projects for other publishers. He is also taking nervous steps into the grown-up worlds of the movie and TV industries, and has managed to write two chapters of a novel which, he optimistically estimates, should be finished around the turn of the century.

Delano lives in rural Northamptonshire with his partner, Sue, and her three children, Jo, James and Alex. He considers himself relatively sound in body and mind, and has no criminal convictions.