John Joyce

On 15/4/97 we will play host to the ghost of Philip K. Dick. TV, film and theatre actor John Joyce will perform a one-man show based on Dick's writings. John's list of screen and stage credits is admirably long and varied, but he also has a long involvement with The Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool. The first production of this company was The Illuminatus and John played Saul Goodman, a New York cop who is one of the main characters.

This play and all the other SF Theatre of Liverpool productions were directed by Ken Campbell, and Illuminatus played in the West End.

Other SF Theatre of Liverpool productions include Psychosis Unclassified, where John played the psychiatrist. This play was based on a Theodore Sturgeon story also known as Some of Your Blood and at the Brighton WorldCon in the seventies, Ted enjoyed introducing the play.

John also sang various parts in the first SF Opera, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward based on H.P. Lovecraft's book.

He has also played the part of Billy McGuinness in The Warp, at one time the worlds longest play and the only one to be staged in episodes over a ten week season.

Films he has appeared in include: Curse of the Pink Panther, Morons from Outer Space, Those Glory Gory Days, Mr Love, Easy Target and Stan & Al.

Television work has found John in; The Wolvis Family, West, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Rainy Day Women, Inside Story, Intimate Contact, Thief Takers, Minder, Inspector Morse and Porterhouse Blue.

His theatre work has been varied, from Flann O'Brien's Hard Life, to The Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy.